Q1: What is mGen?
Ans: mGen is a mobile short-code platform for companies to engage their customers by creating surveys or lead generation campaigns. The solution is simple as it is SMS based and is interactive. mGen allows you to interact with your customers even if they don’t use a smart phone, have data or airtime.

Q2: How does it work?
Ans: Once registered on mGen, you create a unique Keyword, which you can share with your customers to collect information. When creating the Keyword, you can decide to configure a survey with different questions or collect leads by asking customers for their details and if they are interested in your product or service. As customers send in their responses, you can monitor the data in real-time and analyse it with various analysis tools available on mGen.

Q3: How do my customers know about my campaign?
Ans: You can promote your campaign on all available communication platforms (Digital, Social Media, Outdoor, Radio, TV etc). As long as your customers can see your keyword and the short-code, they can send in their responses and you can collect them for your use.

Q4: Do my customers pay for sending me messages?
Ans: When your customers send in responses, they won’t be billed. This is because you pay for the messages on their behalf by funding your SMS account on mGen. SMS on mGen is Toll-free on all networks except Glo which costs N10/message.

Q5: How do I use mGen?
Ans: To use mGen, you must first register your account. After confirmation of your account details, you will pay your keyword subscription and fund your SMS credits. The keyword subscription is a monthly fee for using the platform.

Q6: How long can I keep my keyword active?
Ans: Your keyword is valid for a period of 1 month for every active subscription. We also keep your keyword for 1 month after your subscription expires in case you still want to re-subscribe.

Q7: How many keywords can I have?
Ans: You can create as many keywords as you want on mGen. Each keyword has a full module for collection and analysis of data. Each keyword is paid for monthly.